Stop Global Warming

Looking for ads for this post was a very interesting process. Typing “environmental ads” into Google brings up a myriad of images that range anywhere from gruesome and frightening to happy and hopeful. Some, like this Brazilian Environmental Awareness Campaign Ad, fall more on the side of threatening. It depicts a large, fist-shaped thunder cloud looming over a very developed city, as if about to smash it. In the top left corner, it reads “What goes around, comes around”, and on the right it reads, “Global Warming. Do your part to change that”. I think this ad is effective because it plays on the fear of drastic weather changes, especially in the face of events like Hurricane Sandy and the more recent polar vortex. It serves as a reminder to the general public that everything we do to the environment could come back to haunt us later .Image

On the other hand, there are ads like this one by Reese’s, which uses humor to support going green. The ad depicts a familiar image from typical Reese’s commercial with the words “STOP GLOBAL WARMING NOW” written across the center, then with the smaller words “Or all the Reese’s will melt” written underneath it. I think this ad is effective for making people laugh and it might get them thinking about climate change, but not in a very serious fashion. Between the two, I think the first ad is better at representing global warming as the critical issue that it is and makes people think about it on a more realistic note.Image

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